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Repairs for your differential and CV axle!

Differentials and CV axles play an important part in the function of modern vehicles. These components help to distribute engine torque and turning force to maintain stability and control while driving. If you're experiencing any type of differential or CV axle trouble, it's important to contact your transmission shop to schedule repairs. S.T.S TRANSMISSIONS can perform all types of transmission repair, CV axle repair, and differential repair throughout the Sarasota area to keep your vehicles operating efficiently and safely.

Differentials and CV axles are responsible for the following features of your vehicle:

  • Differentials compensate for the difference between the inner and outer wheels during a turn.
  • CV axles are necessary for transferring power from the trans-axle to the wheel.
  • Suspension travel and steering requires axles to handle the varying texture of roads.

Diagnosing Differential Problems

Differential problems should never be ignored, as they can affect vehicle performance and safety. The most common sign of a differential problem is noise coming from the differential unit, which could indicate one of many problems.

  • A loud "howling" noise coming from your differential typically means that its inner components are wearing down and require replacement.
  • Differential noises such as rumbling or whirring that occur at speeds over 20mph are typically indicative of worn carrier bearings.
  • Differential noise that only occurs while decelerating indicates a loose pinion-bearing preload.

Why You Need CV Axle Repair

The CV axle connects the drive shaft and the wheels of your vehicle, allowing it to run by transferring energy from one to the other. Without a functioning CV axle, you won't be able to drive your car because power cannot get from the engine to the wheels. A damaged CV axle can cause anything from a complete halt of affected wheel motion to a loss in steering control of your car or truck. These issues are a significant safety concern, especially in high-volume traffic or when traveling at significant speeds. The most common signs of a bad CV axle are grease accumulation near your wheels and an audible popping or clicking noise emanating from your steering wheel whenever you make a turn. A damaged or worn CV axle will only continue to worsen with time and use, eventually breaking completely, often in a matter of weeks. As soon as you notice the signs of a bad CV axle, it's essential to schedule CV axle repair to prevent the axle from wearing out completely and leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Whether you need to schedule transmission work, clutch repair, CV axle repair, or differential repair in Sarasota, S.T.S Transmissions is here to help—you can reach us at 941-812-1648 to speak with an experienced mechanic today.